OK, so I wanted to post another WIP.

I’ve had this one on the backburner for a while, and I’m still not really satisfied with her. This is going to be another OC of mine, we’ll see how this one goes once I get her design and wardrobe down.

I’ll be revisiting her later, but I figured I’ll post this one while I go do some other project. 

IT works!


Not only that but it works better than before! YEssssssss

While I had no access to 3D programs I tried my hand at drawing again, and let me tell you that is not like riding a bike. You will forget. I need to get back on that (drawing) horse cause I don’t want to let my 2D skills slip like they have been.  

Now, back to work! On uh … 3D stuff 

Oh god, am I supposed to be updating this blog?


UHhhhhh h-Here have an early WIP. 

Ok, So I got a few sculpts going right now this guy is one of them! You may notice he has ape feet!

 This is an OC of mine, his name, his species name and design have been flipped around a bunch so it’s all subject to possible change. Don’t make me choose.

(Bonus dissatisfied face to show my disdain for my own lack of updates.)

More to come soon-ish 


What is this? Oh a personal blog? ok that’s not that exciting.


Critical-bliss is going to be a personal blog. Probably should have done this first, I decided to make a second blog for more posting things and rebloging things. I like to keep my art blog solitary and ocupied with my original content, so it doesn’t get confused with reblogs. Here i’ll just be more casual I suppose.